Exclusive salmon fishing at Horgøien Farm, Lundamo, Gaula river 

Salmon fishing with reasonable prices!





  •  very excellent beat for fly fishing (worm is not allowed)
  •  good beat for big salmon
  •  one of the best beats in river Gaula, the big salmon river!

Horgøien is an attractive fishing beat located just 1.5 km downstream from Gaulfossen.  The beat contains 2.5 km of stretches composed of 1800 meters on the east side and 700 meters on the west side of the river. The beat is easily accessed by car on either side of the river.  It provides excellent opportunities for wading amid peaceful and scenic surroundings. 

Here you really "recharge the batteries" and unwind from everyday stresses and strains.
Fine opportunities for you / your group to enjoy good food and drink by the riverside. Among other things several campfire places and seating available.

Horgøien is an exclusive fishing beat with only a limited number of season tickets and weekly passes available. 


The fishing is excellent throughout the fishing season and there are many good fishing spots regardless of the water level.  One can use lures, but the beat is well-suited for fly fishing.  It is especially well suited for those who are after big salmon – the beat has been on the “Top Ten” list in Gaula for many years. 





Lodge/service building:

There is a lodge on the east side of the river which serves as a common meeting place for all fishermen. The lodge is equipped with a kitchen, living room, TV, bathroom, WC, two big freezers, washer and a large veranda with barbecue.


There is a BBQ-lodge/“grilling lodge” on the west side of the river that accomodates up to 15 people.

Both sides are well appointed with trails, paths, tables and benches.







We have 2 houses on the Horgøien farmstead for use by our fishermen, "Sommerstu" and "Kårbolig". Each residence has capacity for up to 6 people in single beds. 

The "Kårbolig" house has three bedrooms with double occupancy while “Sommerstu” house features one bedroom with double occupancy and one bedroom that accommodates four.  Each residence has excellent facilities with a well equipped kitchen for self catering, dishwasher, big freezer, TV, bathroom w / shower, washer and a veranda. The river and lodges are just 300 meters away. 3 cabins by the river, accommodation for 1-4 persons.


Getting here:

If you are coming from the south by car, we are 12 km north of Støren.  We are about an hour by car from Værnes (TRD) and about 30 minutes by car from Trondheim city center.  There is an exit sign, “Horgøien Gård”, posted at the exit from E6 approximately 2 km south of Lundamo center.


Weekly fishing periods:

From Saturday 17:00 o’clock to Saturday 11:00 noon. The period starts with a info meeting at about 16.00, afterwords guiding for new fishermen for 1-2 hours.


The hosts Siri and Finn:


Our motto:

We put you as a customer in the center, are easily available throughout your stay and want to give you a unique and relaxing salmon fishing experience.


Available cards:

More information is available by calling us at

+47 41666240 or e-mailing us: horgoien@online.no 



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